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Movember ATC #2


Hilary Locke

Movember ATC #2

And Groucho too!

photograph and quotation from internet




    Another great card.
    Groucho! LOVE the talk bubble - fabulous ATC!
    Love thid ATC... How fun.
    I love Groucho. Great card and I love the film negative sticking out from behind Groucho's picture. I like how you did it all in b&w. Too cute!
    Famous indeed! Thanks for the morning laugh, too. He was really funny, wasn't he? I love your card, Hilary, especially making the talk bubble look like cigar puffs!
    Another super ATC Hilary. Really wonderful and pops right out from the MB! Great card. :)
    Gave me a great big laugh! I'm old enough to remember him well.
    Oh yeah ... I remember this guy! Too funny!!
    Another great one Hilary --- great idea!