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Thursday Challenge 11/8 - Don't Blink

Thursday Challenge 11/8 - Don't Blink

Unbelievable how fast the time flies.








    Darling! Love the James Bond pose and the colourful bg is just great.
    Wow... this is wonderful! You're right, they grow up way too fast. i wish we could just stop time! Thanx for sharing, your kids are beautiful!
    Awesome background! And they certainly do grow up way too quickly! Don't blink is sooooo true!
    Oh, isn't that the truth! I like your then-and-now comparison.
    I love this layout. The background is fabulous and I love your photos. She is beautiful and he is very handsome. Yes, kids do grow up fast don't they. I don't have any human kids, but I do have my cat children and all of my younger cousins that I remember being born. Now those 'kids' are 'adults' and in their 40's and have kids of their own. Yikes! How can that be?
    Very nice! I love how you used all the months of the year to symbolize the passing of time. And this is all too true! I still remember like yesterday bringing my daughter home from the hospital, a 5-1/2 pound peanut and this past July HER daughter turned 18!
    What a great idea using then & now pictures and I, too, love how you used all the months to show the passing of time. They do grow up way too fast. It seems the older they get the faster time goes. *sigh* (good looking kids btw)
    GREAT use of the template special, and those photos....wonderful. love the bright colours too
    WOW! they have grown up & looking so good - great page :party-smiley-048:
    I just love the bright colors on all layers of your LO. Super job. Cute kids!