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Movember ATC

Movember ATC

Another famous moustache! And I would listen to Albert Einstein, wouldn't you? ;)

Thank-you, englishrose, for the inspiration.

Info is in the exif. Thanks for looking!

    I'm listening! I love your background and the "from the mind of" stamp. Another fun card.
    LOVE the stamp, Diane and what a great picture of someone that yes, I would definitely listen to today too! Fabulously done! Old Al! (yeah, he and I are on a first name basis - LOL)
    Ah yes, another famous moustache! Along with that wild hair of his. Perfect!
    What a great face that man had - the epitome of a mad scientist. Yes we should listne to what he says!
    two thumbs up on this one, Diane!! LOVE it! LOL
    Diane I love the journaling AND your card is great!
    Wonderful card, Diane. Ole' Al had a great moustache and hairdo that my cat Maggie would love to get ahold of. She's our little beautician. Loves to grab people's heads and give them a new 'do. Love the wording in the talk bubble and the 'from the mind of' stamp is fabulous.
    Sure thing, Diane! Great photo (I must say my hair looks like that this morning - oops!) and I love the mathematical background you put it on. Love your journaling and talk bubble and especially the stamp. Super ATC! :)
    LOL! This is so great, Diane! Love it!
    Great great card! Always been an Einstein admirer since I did high school physics... such a genius! And he didn't care about combing his hair... shhh, don't tell Callan! Wonderful card Diane!