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Movember ATC Fun Crop

Movember ATC Fun Crop

I just couldn't resist using Sly Stone's quote about mustaches! LOL

BMU Jif 6

Really, I did this one so I could send it to my kiddos! Seeing Mom with a mustache will really confuse them! LOL

    Lovely pic of you Sara - you wear the face fuzz so well!
    Cute, Sara! :)
    LOL they are going to love it Sara!
    Oh, they will love this! Yup, you look pretty shady to me, LOL. Love the red background!
    Very shady, you look so different. Love it
    LOL Sara, I love the quote AND your purty purple 'stache!
    Oh, Sara, don't you look cute in your very stylish purple 'stache. Great card and quote.
    Sara, I love your purple mustache and great journaling. Not-to-mention the beautiful pic. Lovely ATC!
    Super, Sara! Love your quote too:)
    Hee hee - oyu look so pretty and then there is this great purple mo... lol... such a contrast!