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Saturday 11-10 Color Challenge

More photos from Italy! I was impressed with the beautiful tiles we saw everywhere. Today's colors gave me the chance to show some of them. Thanks for looking!


STI_Fall Watercolors_PaperMini;






BMU_Venue_RibbonTwirl, WireFlower1 and 2;

Fonts are Chocolate Box and Comic Sans.

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Gorgeous layout Diane! Awesome photos and I love how you framed them. Great journaling too, and I love, love, love the great background/blending and how you used the color palette. I'm adding this to my favorites. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

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Gorgeous tiles, Diane and I love the way your great photos pop from that fabulous background! I really, really like the way you've framed those three wonderful photos showing off the tiles - very creative!

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I love tiles, too. These are absolutely awesome. And what a fantastic job you did matching the colors with your papers and embelishments!

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Those tiles are gorgeous and they work so well in the lifted postage stamp frames. Love how the combination of the bright yellow and blue ads to the mediterranean feel. Beatifully done and also love those wire flowers.

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Gorgeous photography and page! I am in love with the bottom tile - do you remember where that one was? This is one area of Italy I would dearly love to see someday.

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Wow, one of your gorgeous travel pages is more spectacular than the next. Those photos and tiles are beautiful - I am learning so much from your layouts. You always pick the perfect backgrounds for your pics and I love the yellow borders and the beautiful background you used. Super page. :)

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