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Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice

Our daughter was Alice In Wonderland for Halloween this year! The photo was taken with my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S.

cheshire-smile (internet),
font: Kayleigh,

note: I erased the background of the Cheshire smile, then save it in PNG format. Once applied to the layout, I lowered the opacity to give it that fade-out effect. :)

I also used a natural sponge brush to distress the blue/white paper, letting the white show through.

    Great page Becky. Your daughter is beautiful! Awesome cell phone photo. I love the background you chose and I really like the title and alpha. The subtle cheshire smile is great too.
    What a beautiful girl Becky! I like what you've done distressing the checked background that really sets off that cute photo!

    Clever, catchy title.  I love the blue distressed, checkered background paper with the cheshire cat grin.  Lovely girl in a traditional fairytale costume.  It's all so very classic Alice in Wonderland.  I totally love the fleaMkt frame too.