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Me and Mini Me


2012 Kim Meeder

Me and Mini Me

Besties forever! xoxo

Terra Collection
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    I loved reading your story in the newsletter today!!!!! What a wonderful gift friendship is!!! ♥
    I second Jennifer, yes, friendship is such a gift and my friendship with you dear Kim is one that warms not only my heart, but that of my family. love you muchly girl, this brings back such wonderful memories....let's make some more
    I loved your story in this morning's newsletter, Kimmy - your friendship with Jo is certainly a very special gift.........beautiful story and beautiful layout. Great photos! I loved seeing them!
    I loved reading this in the newsletter today too! Beautiful photos and it sounds like a wonderful time spent together!
    This page makes me s happy, Kimmy! And your DL was very touching. LOVED IT!. You and Jo are both rays of sunshine and it's no wonder how you both gravitated towards one another :)
    What a beautiful tribute to an amazing, across-the-ocean friendship! Loved the article and the story of your meeting IRL:)
    This is such a lovely layout. I'm supposed to choose one layout to scrap lift but you really make it hard. I've changed my mind 4 times already. Each layout is prettier than the last. I think I've decided on this one or maybe this one or maybe......
    awwww ... thank you, Belle. :wub: