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On the Road with Mel

On the Road with Mel

I tour the country as stage manager for several productions. This was a performance of a one-man show, "Frederick Douglass, in the Shadow of Slavery". Sometimes we have to fend for ourselves for meals, but this time the people at the theater took great care of us. They took us out to dinner, provided tons of goodies in the green room, and on opening night treated us to a catered meal. I can't wait till we get to go back again with another show.

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On thistrip to Georgiawe were treated with spectacularSouthern hospitality. They served a full sitdown dinner for us and the crew competewith real silverware and cloth napkins.The artgallery adjacent to the theater was full ofpaintings about the civil war.


    Oh how interesting, Kate! I enjoyed looking through your wonderful photos and reading your journaling. I like the background and colors you used and how you framed your pics. Sounds like a wonderful time! :)
    What an interesting job you have! Glad to hear this group of folks appreciated your hard work and took care of you. Wonderful LO!
    Nice job of capturing not only this performance but also the southern hospitality you enjoyed. Really like the blended photo of the stage.