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Hawks swoop in for the Win (HNC-fav photo)


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Hawks swoop in for the Win (HNC-fav photo)

Haven't taken many new photos that I haven't scrapped yet. But I like the one where the boys are huddled around the portable heater trying to keep warm during their tournament.

Text reads:
The season started out with a bang; first game a shut-out, then despite decent weather for fall in the northwest, the B team couldn't snag a win. Took 3 out of 4 games at Fall Drizzle, but in league, you kept getting beat. Last week for tournament you were paired with your natural rivals, Eckstein Middle School Eagles and you played your hearts out, making your victory all the more sweet, and putting you unexpectantly into the semifinals. Today was sunny but the temperatures were suited more for skiing than frisbee, coming in at a crisp 36 degrees F. Shorts and jerseys aren't that warm but your spirits were high. Sitting around a small portable heater between plays to keep your hands warm, wearing ski hats to keep the ears toasty, you once again took on your opponent, the Washington Middle School Huskies, with determination and grit, snagging the win and putting you into the finals. No one thought you'd make it that far, and though you lost against the A team of Mercer, you came home winners taking 2nd place in the tournament. Way to go HAWKS!

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    I like the way you layered the cards and tabs. I love the soft colours.
    Great photos and great journaling! I especially like the way you stapled the title and the date top and bottom. Cool idea -- and it looks great with your frames.
    I didn't even know there was such a thing as a school frisbee team! Great subject and layout. And CONGRATS on the 2nd place win!
    I like how you used all the file tabs to tie this together. I'd be needing that portable heater too! Good for them! Great page.
    What a cute LO! I love the folder layering and the cute stapled paper strips. Great job! :)
    What a great page. Love the layered card behind the photo and the tabs attached to the top and bottom edges. Lovely LO.
    Yay Hawks! Your journaling makes me feel like I was there! Great job your journaling and overall layout! Lucky boys, having a heater at the game!
    Nice arrangment! I really like the folders and tabs!
    Fabulous composition and layering. Your journaling is well done, too.
    I didn't know about Frisbee teams either. Nice summary of the season and really cute photo of them trying to stay warm. Rally like all the tabs, tags, etc.