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No Training Wheels!

No Training Wheels!

This spring Sarai finally learned to ride with no training wheels, but it took a little wheeling and dealing on my and Papa's end . . .

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    Great photos! It's tough to catch them before they speed out of the camera frame! I like your rich autumn colors. It looks like she got a very cool-looking bike, too.
    What a cute layout. Congrats to her for her courage.

    Great layout! Sarai looks so much happier on that bigger bike. I'm glad she was able to hold up her end of the deal!
    What a fun layout! That collection is perfect, too. What an amazing accomplishment!
    Does she ever stop amazing you and warming your heart?? Did you ever think you would see this day?!? Sarai is a true champion, just like the song!! Great photos and fun funky page to use for this achievement of achievements!!
    how very special is this... well done Sarai, you look fantastic on that new bike
    What a special event in a young girls life. You have created a lovely page to tell the story of these photos. That new bike looks good.
    I love this! I would love this if it were in my stash! TFS...