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Nov 14 - HNC - Love Bug

Just took this of my kitty 2 nights ago. He was sound asleep on the back of the couch and I was snapping away - then he woke up and just looked at me. He looks sweet, hope he wasn't too annoyed that I woke him up...He's our little love bug!
















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The look on his face is priceless. Love the bracket frame and the torn photo. I like the yarn embellishments, rosette flowers and the hearts. That little cat on top of the photo is too cute.

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What a cute kitty (we have one that looks very similar)! Ours is not a love bug, though. I really like your color combo!

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Great photo! I love the expression on his face and the golden glow of the picture. Lovely layout -- I especially like those perfect yarn embellishments.

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Oh how I love this. Your cat looks just like our favorite, long departed Fred. Your matting, framing and embellishments are spectacular. This is a favorite!

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I don't know - he looks like he might be a little annoyed to me! LOL! Great photo of him. He is a gorgeous cat. Love the use of yarns for your embellishments. Very clever.

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Love his expression:) Wonderful use of the fibers from Durin's collection - I bet your kitty could have fun with those!;)

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