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My internet kept going out so i was unable to go to the chat but i did a layout while my internet was out

Everything is from


This is one of my favorite photos from Long Beach Island in June of 2012

    Nice photo! I really like the border you used on your page. Great to have you scrapping again!
    Your border looks like rolling waves! Wouldnt I just love to be laying on a beach like that at this moment.
    what a pretty day to snap that photo of the ocean and seagull. Love it. usually when we go to the beach it's dreary. Sorry you missed the chat but hey, you got your page done so it's all good.
    What a lovely photo! I really like how you used the blue border with the waves on it. Great job.
    What a great photo! I love the simplicity of your layout...let's the photo shine!
    ohhhhh.. what a beautiful photo.. I'm a jersey girl too and love LBI. I feel so sad for our Jersey shore and photos like yours are so nice to remember it by. Lovely page.
    Beautiful photo and beautiful blue paper to show it off. I like the idea of the waves embellishment going across the page, too. It's great to see this peaceful lovely scene, especially since I wonder what LBI looks like after Sandi?
    Lovely! Your photo is wonderful - anything with ocean waves and gulls gets my attention. Like your wavy embellishment.
    Lovely photo, so peaceful. I love the swirly border and the simple embellishments. Love it.
    I love beach photos and this one is very pretty and restful. Great use of your time while your internet was out.