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HNC Favourite Photo


Hilary Locke

HNC Favourite Photo

I was lucky enough to spend all day in London last Sunday, taking photos. I have some great shots of the sights which I will scrap sometime - but this photo just makes me smile!
This chap was playing his tuba along to recordings of 1920's dance music. As he blew, so flames shot out of the bell of his instrument. I cannot figure out how he did it!






    What a super-fun photo! He must have had some sort of flammable fluid or gas more dense than air poured into his tuba bell. I would be concerned for the tuba and his hat with that fire! Very fun page! I like the blending of the tuba and city skyline into your background paper.
    What a funtabulous photo this is. Love your blending of the photo into the background and that great alpha. What a dapper guy he is.
    wow now that is clever of him, not sure how he managed that either, but a good stunt to get noticed for sure. Fun photo and memory.
    How cool! That is very clever of him, and smart of you to take a photo of him! I love your title!!
    Oh my! This is so cool. WTG! I love how you've blended him into that glorious blue background, too.
    Oooh, this is wonderful. Love the street musicians, but this one is truly special. Great background and what a great alpha for your LO.
    Great layout, and oh so definitely English
    Great photo, I love how you blended it into the background. Simple but stunning.
    Really love the photo blending for the background. Perfect title and the coloring of the title is also perfect. Very neat layout of your day in the city.