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Grim Reaper Relaxes HNC 11/14 Fav Photo

Grim Reaper Relaxes  HNC 11/14 Fav Photo

I love this because DGS chose to come home from Trick or Treating and sit down to read the book I brought for him instead of getting into the candy!

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    O wow, that is so cool. Scaaaarrry!
    Ahh that is so awesome that he chooses a book over candy! Love the photo and the scary LO
    My goodness he's so cute, it's hard to imagine him wearing that scary mask! I love the pumpkin with it's mouth open in shock and the orange bg paper with the stars as well as the photo of course! Great lo! :)
    Great page - it made me chuckle!
    That is so cute, I love the layout you created for your photo.
    Fantastic job! I love the subject and your journaling of it. Darling pumpkins with the twinkles in their eyes and wonderful mask.
    Really neat Halloween layout! Also really neat that he likes to read. Sounds like you encourage that habit a lot by buying him books.
    It's great he chose reading over candy! With the skull floating above, your layout is super scary!!!
    How sweet is that? My kids sat down to make lists of their stash, but I'm sure they ate plenty, too. I love the papers you used here and that skull is perfect for a grim reaper!