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The Hunt


© Jeannie Horton 2012

The Hunt

So, I walked into the kitchen and found GS on counter top. He did not realize that I was watching----or photographing. He stalked his prey, across the dangerous stove and caught the wild animal of his stalk (the family cat!)
SG MRE_Extinct (all elements)

    Sorry, I only just realized that the photo frames were deleted. Could someone help me, please.....I cannot find the title, but it is from SG and adjusted (2 frames deleted!) Sorry :-(
    That's SSEmb:Instant Photo Clusters. No problem! Thanks for using it:) PS you might want to resize your layout to 600x600 px so it will be bigger. I would love to read the journaling!
    What great photos. Love the swirled text in the background.
    Oh, dear! Great photo story though. I like your alpha (clever title) and how you did the letters in two sizes. I really like the greenery around it, too.
    This is too cute and humorous!