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Proj SG First Half of November

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Journaling reads: Highlights from the first half of November: After an exciting October, we are back in the usual routine.

1-3: I particiapated in several chats and made all 9 layouts for Digital Scrapbooking Day! Hectic but fun.

4: DH & I voted. Is it un-American to be glad we don’t have to listen to campaign ads anymore?

5. All our mahjongg group is back as well. We played at Nancy’s on the 2nd, Judy’s on the 8th, and I hosted us on the 15th.

6: DH and went to an orchestra concert - in a purple theater - and heard, among other pieces, Beethoven’s 7th symphony, always a treat.

7: We also went to the movie with friends to see the latest James Bond.

We had dinner with friends on the 7th. Old friends of theirs and ours were visiting from Ohio so it was great to see them again.

I had my yearly physical on the 8th. Why do I dislike going to the doctor’s? She’s actually very nice.

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Lovely page! Your background paper matches the theater. Was that intentional! I like the numbers matching the photos to the journaling.

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It's nice to go away but it's nice to be home too :-) Enjoyed reading about your back into the swing of things half month and all the friends you have, you are so busy!! And I understand about the Dr, I went to one of mine and the dentist and both found things they weren't happy with! Bah humbug. Lovely colours and photos and I always love reading your notes. And for what it's worth, as long as you voted I think you get the right to complain about elections!

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Pretty page Diane and I really like your great photos, too! Happy to see the birthday girl and I enjoyed reading your journaling. Love your background, too! :)

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