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Thankful for the miracle of Noelle

Thankful for the miracle of Noelle

Noelle was born to one of my dear friends on December 5, 2011. At birth, she weighed 12.55 oz and was 9.4 inches long. She wasn't expected to make it. The doctor told her mom that if Noelle was silent they would not try to resuscitate her, but if Noelle cried, they would do everything they could to give her a chance. When they pulled her out, she cried! Now, she's about to celebrate her first birthday. She still has trials to overcome and some long-term health needs because of being born so tiny, but her parents are definitely celebrating her first Thanksgiving with rejoicing at their amazing miracle!

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Brandy Murry - Grandparents
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    So touching, thanks for sharing this. The sketch looks great! My how tiny she was.
    What a wonderful story and beautiful page! Great photos and I LOVE the sketch. Pretty flower cluster too.
    What a touching story! It's amazing what our tough little fighters accomplish. My granddaughter had a stroke at birth and I had to fly cross-country to be with my son. I flew thinking I would never get to hold her. Now, eight years later she lives nearby and I have been able to witness all of her successes - I taught her to ride a two-wheeler this spring! This is a wonderful page - the photos are beautiful and I just love the sketch. Great job!
    Your story is so touching and so beautifully written - I love the sketch. Noelle sounds like a fighter for sure. Thanks for sharing this joy with us.
    Gorgeous page! And such a beautiful story about Noelle. Very touching!
    What a fighter! A truly heart-warming story, beautifully scrapped. May young Noelle contine to thrive.
    Noelle's story is very touching and one absolutely worth scrapping.
    So touching! And a wonderful layout, so beautiful in colours and the sketch looks so good! Great job!
    I love reading stories like this, the perseverance and strength of someone so young and small. God bless her and her family and may Noelle go from stregnth to strength. great layout
    Absolutely beautiful layout and such a touching poem to tell the story. Our DGS was 8 weeks early, but he weighed 4 #s. His birth was so scary, but he has done great. One of our daughters works in the NICU, so I get to hear many stories about these little fighters. Thanks for sharing.