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Friday Challenge Using Filters

I cannot claim authorship for this technique but it creates a lovely pen and wash effect which I wanted to share



Duplicate your photograph (Ctl J)

Use filters-stylise-glowing edges

You want nice sharp, well defined edges so play about until you like the result (I used Edge width 8 Edge Brightness 6 and smoothness 11)

Convert to black and white by your favourite method (you will have white lines on a black bg at this point)

Invert the picture (ctl I) to give you black lines on white.

Create a duplicate of your original photograph and drag it to the top of you layers stack

Use blending modes to create the sort of effect you want (I used multiply)

I then used the eraser to remove some of the top photograph to reveal the lines underneath, making the picture look unfinished.











Font: Vivaldi


© © Hilary Locke

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Hilary this is gorgeous and your result looks like a work of art! Thank you so much for explaining how you did it - I'm copying your words and putting them in my tutorial file!

Lovely work and I really like the addition of the brush and watercolors, too. :)

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This looks sensational! I'm writing that technique down, and can't wait to try it. Thanks! I love the whole concept of the artist sketchbook, too. Beautiful page!

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Gorgeous, Hilary. I'm going to join Laurie in trying to reproduce this in GIMP. Your technique looks just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your technique. That's a neat building, the dome looks like a government building (ours here in the east tend to look like Greek or Roman temples).

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This is wonderful. Thank you for letting us know how you did it. I've got to look through my photos to see if any of suitable for this treatment. Lovely treatment as a sketchbook with the paints and brushes. Well done!

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I love how this looks. I will have to "Gimp around", lol, and see if I can make it work. :)



Ooops I should have said I achieved this in PSE!

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Hilary this is wonderful and thank you for sharing the technique with us. Straight to favourites for future scraplifting!

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Love this - your technique was very well explained. Thank you so much for showing us how you got the lovely results.

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Work of art indeed - this is awesome! I'm saving the instructions; I definitely need to play around with this!

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