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Friday Challenge Using Filters


Hilary Locke

Friday Challenge Using Filters

I cannot claim authorship for this technique but it creates a lovely pen and wash effect which I wanted to share

Duplicate your photograph (Ctl J)
Use filters-stylise-glowing edges
You want nice sharp, well defined edges so play about until you like the result (I used Edge width 8 Edge Brightness 6 and smoothness 11)
Convert to black and white by your favourite method (you will have white lines on a black bg at this point)
Invert the picture (ctl I) to give you black lines on white.
Create a duplicate of your original photograph and drag it to the top of you layers stack
Use blending modes to create the sort of effect you want (I used multiply)
I then used the eraser to remove some of the top photograph to reveal the lines underneath, making the picture look unfinished.


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    Love this - your technique was very well explained. Thank you so much for showing us how you got the lovely results.
    Just awesome. I saw the others use your technique so I'm going to have a play. I just love what you have achieved here :)
    Work of art indeed - this is awesome! I'm saving the instructions; I definitely need to play around with this!