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Friday Challenge - Filters

Friday Challenge - Filters

I had to try my hand at the filter challenge too, especially after being inspired by Hilary's beautiful layout this morning. I had previously rendered this photo in B&W but wanted to try something else as well. I will post the original picture in the forum challenge thread.

One thing I did differently was once I reached the stage of changing it to B&W and inverting it, I added a sepia tint. I also used a brush to lighten and give the sky some texture. I used a colored pencil filter on the top layer, then reduced the opacity of the top 2 layers. I really like the look of the trees with this technique! I turned it into a card and printed it on watercolor paper, and then I'll mount it on brown cardstock.

No scrapping supplies used here - just pure filter!

    This is wonderful!! Great job using the filters. I think it should be in a frame and hanging on my living room wall!
    Awesome job. I agree with Theresa. Definitely should be hanging on a wall somewhere.
    Gorgeous! I love the look here and you got some gorgeous texture in the sky. When you added the sepia tint - what did you add it to? Did you turn the b lack layer sepia, or is this an extra layer?
    Great result here! I love the texture and the quote you used.
    Woweee! I agree with Teecee, hang it on the wall! (Sell it in an art gallery?! :)
    Wow - I love your twist on the technique - this looks really great.
    This is just awesome will have to look for Hilary's Lo and try her technique :)
    Gorgeous photo (is that the bridge in Anne Shirley's Books ? It looks similar!) lovely card & effects
    I really love this. I am going to have to try some filters. Great job!
    You did a beautiful job with your photo! I like your quote at the bottom. This will be a beautiful card!