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Project SG Challenge 2012, Week 42

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Imagine my surprise when I returned home from the women’s retreat and discovered that I had won an item from my wish list! Our cardinals have returned and the renovations at church are progressing wonderfully! On Friday I had dinner with a group of officers from the District United Methodist Women. On Saturday I was music leader for our annual District meeting up in Ft. Lauderdale. A dear friend, Marie Lennox was our featured speaker and her sister, Alice Sowles, was our pianist. Our new Bishop, Rev. Ken Carter, made a guest appearance and it was a pleasure to meet him. Five of us from our church attended.






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Becky, these are great photos! I like how they really stand out from the page in that grid too! Interesting journalling sounds like you had a really busy week!!

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More lovely photos! I'm jealous of that great picture of the cardinal. And you look very different (though still lovely) without your mustache, lol.

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Becky you always have the most interesting journaling and great photos in your week and I really enjoy each page. I love the use of black background and light text - I'll have to try that and it looks wonderful. I also really like the template you used and congratulations on your win - YAY! :)

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