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Bees Knees: Sat Col Challenge


& 2012 Eden

Bees Knees: Sat Col Challenge

The challenge was to use a colour combination that I wouldn't normally use. Is there little wonder that the purple / yellow combo is not one of my favourites!

BMU_Brushset_Chicken Wire 9
FinecraftedDesigns_BeeYourself_Element18.png copy
FinecraftedDesigns_BeeYourself_Element34.png copy
Font: Edwardian Script
NTDOzmasYellowTwirlyRibbon.png copy

    AWESOME! I love this quirky work of art! And it is definitely a lovely work of art! Fabulous!
    Oh, I actually like this combination -- it makes for a whimsical page!
    It doesn't look bad, Eden. Such a clever design - love the lady walking the ribbon.
    Eden this is wonderful and me too - actually LIKE the purple and yellow combo which I'd never thought to put together. Love your page, too - such an "art journal" look and so creatively clever! I really like the girl on the trapeze and all the careful pieces on this layout keep me looking and looking and constantly finding something else! Super work - I love it! :)
    Fun page Eden - and I like the colors together. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
    I know what you mean about yellow and purple but in this case, it actually works! Fun layout : )
    Delightful and fun! Don't you love those tacky costumes? :lol: I love how your eclectic group of embellishments lead the eye around the page.
    Very artsy. I like the purple and yellow together here too. Are those real people?