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Movember layout

Movember layout

Journalling: Rod grew a mustache shortly after we got married. He was quite stylish in the late sixties with his long hair and “Frito-bandito stache!” Several years later when Andrea was about 18 months old, he shaved it off one night after she went to bed. The next morning she took one look at him and started screaming! It broke his heart. He hasn’t shaved it off since, forty years later!

Thanks again to SG for participating in Movember, a cause dear to my heart. Rod (DH) was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago. He has done very well since but we are very supportive of this cause.

TFL. Supplies in EXIF.

    Oh, dear, funny story, but oh dear. I had a professor who normally had a huge beard, but when they had a new baby, he would shave it off because the little ones grabbed it and pulled. We could tell the baby was due when he showed up clean-shaven. I like the layout, too - pretty papers & I really like the thick border around your mat.
    I know that story! How funny...and sad! Thanks for sharing a bit a nostalgia.
    It's amazing how different they look when they shave! My DH had a full beard when we met and when we got married - I mean like Grizzly Adams full, and he shaved it off one day when I was at work. When I got home and walked in the door, my first thought was that one of his brothers (who I had never met) had shown up from Tennessee! :D I quickly realized that it was him but it certainly gave me a start for a sec! Great page. TFS!