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Smile Challenge Monday 11/19/12

Stage Manager K8
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For my 50thbirthday I wanted a tattoo. I knew I wanted somethingcolorful and in a place that I would be able to see

and enjoyevery day. But deciding on a design was not easy. Becca'sinterest in tattoos inspired me. And because we have

beenthrough so much and have come to a really wonderfulplace inour relationship, I wanted the tattoo to be about us.


Becca made

her theater debut in Golden State Theater's Snow Whiteat the age of six. She played a bumble bee,

and she hadone line - "Welcome to the forest, SnowWhite!"

When shewas recognized by an audience member outside the theaterafter the show, she immediately became a star in

her ownmind. We started calling her Diva Bee. And since I was thestage manager of so many GST shows, I became the

Queen Bee.


As Becca

grew we had our share of tough mother-daughter times.Especially some of the teen years. And at times, as

she says,"We couldn't stand to be in the same room." But now, as sheis turning 21, we have a very special friendship

that Itreasure.


The floweris a zinnia, a favorite of bees, which stands forlastingaffection. As the Queen Bee rests on her flower,

the DivaBee flies off into her own adult life.This is theperfect design for my tattoo.



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Wow! Your story is wonderful. It sounds like you are both in a good and loving place. Your tattoo is amazing.Your layout is great. I like the layering. Your embellishments are pretty and I especially like the bee embellishment.Beautiful.

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You're braver than me, but that's a wonderful story. I love you layout to go with your story, especially all the paper layers. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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What a beautiful story! Your tattoo is just so sweet and pretty and I like the colors! Love your layout and your journaling made me cry!

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