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Thanksgiving last weekend....

Thanksgiving last weekend....

My sweetie is a professional airline pilot. That means that we usually celebrate the holidays at times other than on the holidays (due to his work schedule!) So, last weekend was our family Thanksgiving. It breaks my heart that two of my grands were with their mom, but...We had a great time and played Mario afterwards for a looooooong time!

SG: Bountiful collection
Sg: Curled paper templates.

    Very pretty layout. I like your curled paper and background paper. Your title is great. The day of a holiday is not near so important as sharing time with people who make you happy. Beautiful!
    This is the kind of page I hope to be able to make some day! Great job!
    You can see the love in your family! That is great, your LO is very attractive and the blue stroke around the pictures and on your paper is a great accent. Thanks for sharing your LO!
    I agree with Dixie - your layout just exudes lots and lots of love! And I know only too well about celebrating holidays on days other than the real holiday! I've spent many a Christmas that way! Beautifully done!

    Beautiful LO....and great pictures....it is hard to get photos of these gatherings  Love this!!