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Wow, you did a great job with this layout, setting his artwork off. And his artwork is pretty fab too! Very creative! What a neat idea for a school to do.

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Oh, Jode this is wonderful! Congratulations to Aidan - what a super special event for him to see his drawing projected on the building. And it's a wonderful one - looks gorgeous and like it's painted right on. The candy canes are so festive and I love how the trees peek out from window to window. Wow, he's quite talented! And, I just love the look on his face (not-to-mention Callan peeking from behind!)

Your layout is wonderful and really lets the building take center stage. I enjoyed your journaling and really like how you tilted your background paper and blended the photo. Great layout in so many ways! :)

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Congratulations to Aidan for his wonderful artwork! And I love the photo of his drawing on the curled paper, Jody.....I'd love to have seen his image projected onto the building - how exciting for Aidan and it must have been a beautiful sight to see with the candy canes and soft colors on the building.....What a special layout this is and great memory for Aidan.

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Congratulations to Aidan! His artwork looks fabulous on the building. And good for you getting the picture! I love the way you've stacked your papers and added that festive star and bow to the corner. Lovely layout to capture a proud moment!

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Very pretty layout. How exciting for Aidan. I really like the background music note paper. I like your blending of the photo. I like your hand written note to remember. Beautiful.

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How neat that they projected pictures onto the building!! Really awesome!! Your background really makes the photo of the building pop! Looks like Aidan inherited his mother's artistic talent!

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