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Happy 4th Birthday Dusty!

Happy 4th Birthday Dusty!

It's hard to believe he was so little when we brought him home at just about 8 weeks old. Today he turns four, and is the joy of our lives!

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    Oh, look how little Dusty was! Soooo cute and such a pretty dog now! Love the lifted photo and that background is gorgeous, Becky!
    He is so handsome! Happy Birthday to him! I love seeing everyone's furry babies. :)
    Happy Birthday Dusty. You are such a cutie. You were so adorable as a little doggie, and now you are quite the handsome fellow.

    :bdayparty: :bdayparty: :bdayparty:
    Awwww....so cute! (and my b'day too!) I have a 10month old puppy. Have to remember to do a LO like this!
    I love how you included the puppy photo. And happy birthday Dusty.
    The awwwwwwwwww factor is sure high on this one. Great layout - sweet doggy.