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This is an old story (I posted it earlier this year in the Funnies forum), but I finally scrapped it.


Journalling: I was helping Jackson get ready for school one day. I gently reminded him to pull up his pants because his underwear was showing. "After all, you don't want the girls to see your underwear. You might scare them!" I said.


"There aren't any girls in my class," was his reply as he staggered around trying to pull up his pants.


"Where did they all go?" I asked in mock seriousness.


"I don't know. There's just boys now," was the reply.


Holding up the Slinky that he got for Easter, I asked, "Did you suck all their brains out, too?" At some point, he had decided that the Slinky looked like a vacuum hose and had been trying to suck his brothers' brains out with it.


With a twinkle in his eye, he said, "Yep! And they turned into boys!"


Supplies Used:

Flea Market Embellishment Mini;

Flea Market JIF Plus;

Flea Market Collection;

Styles Pack: Glitter Edge;

Value Pack: Fancy Rust;

Cheri Thieleke--CTH_SSAlbumMini_TaW_Special;

ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Circlets 2 Biggie;

Brandy Murry--BMU_DynBrush_Bokeh_Special;

Value Pack: Here Comes the Sun;

Basic Shadows 6501;


font: Hannah's Messy Handwriting

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