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3 Chords: Friday Challenge


& 2012 Eden

3 Chords:  Friday Challenge

The only ay I can make it through the bus trip to work each day is to listen to my ipod. Yesterday, I was listening to Jimi Hendrix version of Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" and this layout came to mind. When I saw the challenge I just added the ribbon tree!

Font: Sears Hightower
Font: Sears Hightower
Ovation Celebrity: Red guitar
Photo: Columbia - Bob Dylan: The Original Mono-Recordings
Sheet Music and Lyric: All Along The Watchtower by Bob Dylan
brimm_city_10.png copy

    Again you create an intriguing page full of things to look at! I love how you incorporated the city skyline into the guitar strings and gave it a christmas twist with the tree... wonderful photo to use with that quote too... very honest... funny how this page DOES have a christmassy feel!!! Great OOB thinking!!!!
    I love this. So creative.
    I love it! Very creative, I love the ribbon and how it weaves around the title.
    Wow, so cool Eden! And it actually looks like a Chirstmas tree, too! Like Jode - I just love wandering through your pages and looking at all the different pieces and thoughtful creativity. Super page! :)
    Oh... how wonderful and how fun! I love it! Great quote, of course, and I love the intriguing and energetic way you've displayed it. And, sigh, I actually remember when Bob Dylan looked like that! :o
    Inspiration can come from anywhere! Creative way to approach the challenge.
    Really cool layout Eden! I barely recognized Bob Dylan - he's such a young pup in that photo!
    Great layout - cool idea with the tree :)