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Friday CSC - August Christmas (adapted!)

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I have lots of hot xmas photos but nothing that really shows that, I found this picture of Callan I took last week at his birthday wearing his new shirt and the shape vaguely resembled a xmas tree/star... so I adorned it with brains and 'blood/scratching' tinsel... to come up with this! tfl :-)




VW, jlarsen, khadfield, sgleason _BrainSmart

font: Horros, Garamond



sbd-mstt-stamps &stickers

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Very, very, very creative and cute non-Christmas tree, Jody! I love the way your mind works! heeeeheeeee! You come up with the best ideas!

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Very cute! Had Callan been eating something black too? His tongue looks stained! Great idea using the shape of his stance and the hihglighted section to come up with the outline of a Christmas tree. Mmmmm brains for decorations, I wonder if it will catch on! LOL!

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Oh my goodness - how creative this is Jode! And Callan manages to look sweet and cute even in the middle of all that zombie-ness! You really made him look like a Christmas tree and I like how you used black and white with bits of color. Amazing layout! :)

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