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Monday Challenge 19 Nov (Smiles)

Monday Challenge 19 Nov (Smiles)

Neko-chan is REALLY into Angry Birds, and spends much of the day making up stories and drawing 'comic strips' on his magnetic drawing board about an Angry Bird character he invented himself, a triangular yellow bird called Yellow Dash. i really should snap some pictures and scrap them!

Anyway, seeing my kids having fun makes me smile. Heck, when they're not driving me up the wall, seeing them do anything, sleep included, makes me smile too. =)

Supplies in EXIF, thanx for looking!

    Adorable! I just downloaded "Angry Birds - Star Wars" and I love it!
    So cute and it sounds like you have a very clever boy there. I really like the way you put the photos in frames that look like the game.
    This is too cute! I have Angry Birds but I am not very good at it. I get to the point where I'm mumbling about what I'm gonna do if those blankety-blank green pigs smile at me one more time! LOL! My 8 year old granddaughter, however, is amazing at it.
    How wonderful to see them having fun, Great layout, I love the bright, fun colours and the stack of frames. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    This gave me a great big smile! Very cute photos and I love your Angry Bird embellies. Adorable background, too.
    PS - I like to play Angry Birds, too, but my grandkids laugh at how bad I am at it!
    This is great. Very imaginative little boy. I'd love to see the drawings. Perhaps you can sell his stories to Angry Birds.
    They are so cute in their masks and I love the way you have scrapped this. The color scheme is great and the downloaded images of course perfectly arranged. Especially like the top tilted frame and the pink and blue lower ones. Love this page - a favorite!
    LOL such cuties. Great take on the challenge.