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Journaling: For as long as I can remember, we always had potato salad, cornbread dressing, pumpkin pie, and “Ralph’s,” in addition to the turkey and other vegetables, for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. The real name of “Ralph’s Delight” was pineapple fluff, but Uncle Ralph absolutely loved it, so Mommie (my grandmother) called it “Ralph’s Delight” and the name eventually got shortened to just “Ralph’s”.


Other family favorites are the potato salad and cornbread dressing. Nobody could make them like my Mother. I watched her make both of these dishes many, many times. She didn’t use recipes and would always just laugh when I asked her to write the directions for me. I have been trying to replicate her delicious dishes for several years now, and this year, everyone agreed that I had finally nailed the potato salad! Although everyone always says the dressing is good, I know it isn’t the same as hers. Hopefully, before too long, I will perfect that too!!

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I love how you adjusted the color of the freebie to match your layout. It's lovely. Great photo of the traditional dishes (I was wondering what Ralph's was). Wonderful journaling, too.

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