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If You Give a Kid a Camera - right

If You Give a Kid a Camera - right

So, this side is for next week's circle challenge because I'm lazy like that. Posted Image
Thanks for looking!

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The schools did several fundraisers each year. One time, the big prize for the top seller was a camera. A 110 point and shoot camera. Cathrine wanted us to buy lots and lots of the items so she could earn one. I gave her another option. She could practice the piano for 30 minutes each day for a month or so and we would buy her a camera like the one offered. She accepted the bargain and both she and Annette earned cameras as a reward. It didn't take us long to figure out they needed better ones, so we gave them 35 mm point and shoot cameras as gifts. It is fun to see what they used their film on.

    Didn't realize there were two sides. And this is the rest of the story! Nice journaling, and again, I like the way everything is ties together with the vine.
    This is a nice double sided layout and I enjoyed reading your journaling. The dotty paper works well with the circle mat for the journaling. Nice pops of colour with the leaves and flowers.
    Lovely 2-page layout! I love their photos :D and it's great that you've preserved them this way. Hmm... I see that, not only do you have a circle here, but you've used polka-dotted bg paper. Pretty cool.
    What a great 2-pager April!
    Very pretty - I love it. Circles make me happy and so does your LO