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Thursday Challenge 11/29/12

Thursday Challenge 11/29/12

Noticed a typo in my journaling...will fix later! (grrr....why can't I see those before I post??)

Journaling reads:
Cleans Floors Of Dirt, Dust And Pet Hair Not only will Roomba do the vacuuming for you, it will do it automatically AND when itís done, it returns to the docking station to recharge! Why have I not had one of these before now??

ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: City Slick Drip
ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Grunge Block
Sweet Street Grunge Collection Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles : Chevron Super Biggie 8501
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Grungalicious Scratched Super Biggie 8501
Lettering Delights Remington Portable`

    I was just at some friends house over the Thanksgiving holidays and saw one of these in action. They've had it for 5 years and it's still going strong. I always thought they were just a gimick thing, but like you, they adore it and say that it works like a charm.
    This is such a clever LO! What a great page subject and I love the grungy look you've created here.
    So clever and cool. I love your blending and the wonderful dust-colored background. Great title-work, too!
    Who wouldnt want one of those! Great invention - great page!
    Really neat layout (no pun intended!!) I love the grungy way you scrapped this! Perfect! I always thought it was a gimmick too. Sounds like it is worth looking into!!
    I love the grungy look of this ~ which is so appropriate for the subject! :)