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Thursday Challenge Best Ever

Thursday  Challenge Best Ever

Journaling: While on vacation in Cabo, Mexico, in March, 2009, Rod and I realized that it was the first time we had been on a week long vacation alone together
since our honeymoon. Although we love going places with our family and friends, being alone on this trip made it one of our best vacations ever. Supplies in EXIF. TFL.

    And what a beautiful place to spend a week together! Gorgeous photos -- and I love your relaxed and happy smiles. I especially like the framing and the elegant border you used. Lovely layout!
    Wow! You all look great and what a plce to vacation! I love the way you added the borders and framed your faces!
    Lucky you!! Super layout - I love the colours
    Love the colors and all the interest you've included in the layouts with the border, the embossed paper ~ very nicely done! :)
    Wow! Lovely photos! I really like the colors, the blue and pink contrast so nicely! Thanks for joining the challenge!