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Swap for Laurel

Hope you like it!


Great pics, mine were never this clear from the plane. LOL


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Oh, Jenna! I love this so much! The journaling is so true, too! I love the bright blue sky against the white background. Thanks for joining the swap!

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Wow! Those are amazing photos. Jenna, I like how the white paper seems to stretch off of the page and I like the cutouts to show the background. Nicely done.

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Neat journaling and what a perfect layout for it. This is such a wonderful design, Jenna. I love the background with the pale swirls & white space. You've captured the mood so wonderfully!

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Seriously blown away, I love this! Thank you, Jenna, for doing such a great job. I'm so glad I got to join the swap this month! :D

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