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Mom's Three (and a half) Boys

Mom's Three (and a half) Boys

It is still sometimes a harsh reality check for me to know that I have a family of boys! With my sweet husband, my two rambuncious boys and and third bouncing baby boy (litereally!) on the way, it seems I am destined to be out-numbered!

Products Used:
RetroActive - All Boy Collection Mini
Street Grunge - Scratches Transparency

    This is cute......i like the family portrait

    Btw beeing out number can only be good things to come with all them males in the house lol

    Love your family photo! The brushing you did looks great! Good job!
    Oct 31 2006 05:14 PM
    This is great. I love the grungy-look and title, and I especially love the little charm dangling off the top of the file folder.
    Yup, you're outnumbered, but beautifully!
    I sure am enjoying looking at your gallery, Brandy! You do VERY nice work!
    great journaling three great guys... really like the color combo and the way its all together.