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Mom's Three (and a half) Boys

It is still sometimes a harsh reality check for me to know that I have a family of boys! With my sweet husband, my two rambuncious boys and and third bouncing baby boy (litereally!) on the way, it seems I am destined to be out-numbered!


Products Used:

RetroActive - All Boy Collection Mini

Street Grunge - Scratches Transparency

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This is cute......i like the family portrait



Btw beeing out number can only be good things to come with all them males in the house lol



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Guest Sharebear57

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This is great. I love the grungy-look and title, and I especially love the little charm dangling off the top of the file folder.

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Guest Donna G.

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I sure am enjoying looking at your gallery, Brandy! You do VERY nice work!

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