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Sat 12-01 Color Challenge

I used the beige and soft green, but might have cheated a bit on the red. ;) Anyway, I thought this was a timely layout, since the photos are only a week old. TFL!


Journaling reads: "A local poinsettia grower opens its doors to the public one day a year for charity. This year’s charity was Southeastern Guide Dogs, who raise and train guide dogs from puppy-hood. The huge greenhouses were filled with different color poinsettias, and in addition to plants for sale, donation booths were available, including one “kissing” booth at puppy height, with a stuffed pet ready for smooches."






JDE_WChristmas_Emb1_psettia-group and Emb1_Clip-Red, and Emb1_Frame-Red;


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What a cute idea! Love the layout, too - such pretty colors - I like the lace against the pastel flowers.

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Love the background photo and the lacy paper under the pictures. So that is where all our lovely poinsettias come from up here in the north! Sounds like a neat charity event.

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Beautiful background for your LO! Used to love visiting the poinsetta greenhouses....hope the pooch smooch made some money! Cute idea!



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Oh what a lovely page Diane. I really like your wonderfully interesting journaling - what a neat event! Your photos are wonderful and I love the soft colors you used and the way you put your background together. Super layout!

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I like it! the nice soft background photo really sets off the other photos. Interesting story, too.;)/>

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