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Friday 11-30-12 ScrapLift -- Grandma and Grandpa

Friday 11-30-12 ScrapLift -- Grandma and Grandpa

I scraplifted Hilary's layout John and Emily Richards

This is a photo of my maternal grandparents taken in front of their house. I don't know what year it was taken, but probably between 1936 and 1946. My grandparents were both born in Northern Italy around 1885 and came to the United States about 1900.

Supplies Used:
CRO Treasured Heirloom Collection -- Paper, Frame
SNU Memento Collection -- Birdcage & flowers, Leaf, Flowers, Butterflies
JHI Embel Biggie Old Photo Frames -- Frame Special

    Carol how lovely. What a gorgeous and special photo and I really like the soft colors you used around it and the frame you used...
    I see you kept the birdcage - that was a nice touch. And of course, the butterflies to make it yours. Pretty color scheme and the frame has a wonderful vintage touch.
    Beautiful photo and a great scraplift! I like how you kept the nostalgic feel, but I'm glad you added the butterflies so we would know this is truly yours. :)/> . I love the warm colors, too. PS: I wouldn't mind owning your grandmother's pocketbook! It's quite stylish and looks very modern.
    great photo and layout.. i love the heritage feel of this collction ..it works so well with your photo
    Thanks for scraplifitng me Carol. What a great photo to scrap.
    Lovely page, Carol! This photo is wonderful and I love the birdcage! The splash of color with the flowers and butterflies looks great:)
    Great photo! Lovely scraplift!