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Believe - Tues 12/4 Freebie

Believe - Tues 12/4 Freebie

When I try to get pics of the sons and grandson I get frown, crossed eyes and pulled down ball caps - this is what they get!

SNU Blitzen PaperSPEC Plaid
ABR WWishes Emb
AFT AntiqueEdges
BMU RibbonCurls
JDE WHeart&Home Emb
MRE LoveED Paper Green
MRE SGClub Dec12 JIFFYAlbum MembersOnly
SNU Brush OnaWhim

Details in EXIF

    HAHA! You made me laugh and I like your rule! My Mom always told us SHE believed and got presents. :)/> I like your photo and how you used it full-faced and I relaly like the colors you used and how you utilized the freebie in a few ways. Great layout! :)/>
    :rofl: I love your "journaling"! Despite their frowns, etc., you put together a beautifully festive layout. I love the mix of the red and green with the freebie paper; it looks great!
    This is great! Love his look in the photo...better turn that frown upside down :) Love how you used the freebie in the background and as a cutout/mat for the photo. Love the glitter too. Great job.
    I love this!! Fun photo (I feel your pain...) I REALLY like the contrast of the b/w plaid with the bright green! I say a pair of underwear in his stocking is WELL deserved!
    Love the journaling! How funny. Love the cutout and the framing of the photo, also the embellishments.
    I love that :lol:/>, I'll need to remember that one. Great use of the free paper, I love the branch with the berries and the tree's great layout. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    Laughing out loud here! Great photo, works perfectly with the story! Terrific use of the freebie, nice and masculine.
    LOL! You always crack me up but this one has me chuckling big time! And I love your journaling too! Your cluster and the plaid trim look fantastic!
    Great use of the freebie paper! I like how it's just a bit so it's not too overwhelming. Awesome layout!
    Oh, Bet, this is GREAT! I love the saying in the frame, it fits so well with the face. teehee