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Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

We'll take next year's card photo when everyone is home this Christmas. Nothing like planning ahead, right? So, Thomas has short hair now and he's about an inch taller. ;)

Thanks for looking!

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ScrapSimple Card Templates: 5x7 Card Shark 2012

    Great card April. Love the colors and design. Beautiful family.
    Beautiful photo, April! I like the snowflakes along the bottom of the photo.
    Beautiful Christmas card, April - I love the design of your card and the photo of your family is wonderful! You have a beautiful family!
    what a gorgeous family April, and I LOVE your thinking ahead, lol. can't wait to see next year's photo, lol
    What a great looking family.....wonderful card!
    Hey, better early than not at all. This is a great picture and a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing with us.
    This card is beautiful, April
    I love the plums and grays in your photo - what a beautiful family! You look great April!
    I too like the idea of planning ahead for the photo. We've not done it in the past b/c using a year old pic of small children doesn't show the fam what they look like that year, but now that my youngest is 3, I think I'll start doing it. We always take pics in front of our Christmas tree and then we could use that themed photo for the following year card!
    Thanks for using my template - and I love the snowflake border!
    I love it April. Beautiful and handsome family.
    Hi April, nice pic hope you had a wonderful holiday