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Thursday Challenge "C is for Chatty"

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My first change to Shalae's All About Me Zoom page was to change it from square to rectangular format. I changed the colour of the lettering on the bg paper to make it more boyish and altered the dymo tape to include Rowan's name. The brads from the original page were replaced with ABCD to reinforce the alphabet theme of the page. Then I added a few embellishments! TFL


Rowan took a long time before deciding to talk. In January of this year he was quite content to point or take my hand and take me to what he wanted. But as soon as he started nursery he found his voice and has never stopped talking since! Most of what he says is perfectly understandable although occasionally I have to look to his mum to translate. Sometimes I think I've understood and repeat back to him what I think he's said and if I've got it wrong he'll say "No no!" is such a cute way it makes me laugh. Some sounds he still has trouble making such as "f" and "s". Things that he cannot see he says are "ha ha away", worms he refers to as "nakes". Other little sayings are so adorable - so if something is not as he expected it, he'll say something like "The horse is not in the field today - HOW RUDE!" Other words - like "BALDERDASH" he rolls round his mouth again and again just enjoying the sound.STI_AllAboutMe_Zoom












© © Hilary Locke

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