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Project 52: Week 48

Here's my Week 48. I'm caught up for the next day and until another week starts...

Journaling reads:

"Sunday Mrs C, Judy & Liane visited while Judi was here... Monday Margaret stopped by. So good to see her, but sad having Judi leave... Tuesday it it snowed but I went to Watercolor class, Michaels & Staples to have my Hybrid ATCs printed... Wednesday was Yoga, then I picked up my ATCs. They looked great!... Thursday I met Terry for a fun day at a new Hobby Lobby & lunch at Ruby Tuesday's... Friday - lunch with Fern, then picked up Rachel & Jesse. It was wonderful to see them. Jesse & I went to 7-11 for Slurpees & lottery tickets like old times & he even won $3!... Saturday picked up calendars I'm making for Ann Marie at Costco & later Chris & SiSi visited... "

For this layout I used:

ACA SS DLO Templates Lots of Shots 3

MAD Gather Collection

and my own photos

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LOVE this, Marilyn! I really like your background with the circles interspersed throughout! You have such great weekly layouts and I always enjoy seeing them!

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New Hobby Lobby?? Cool!!! I love reading about your week, as always, and enjoy seeing your pictures, especially those smiling faces. When did those kids get so big? I love your autumn colors here, too -- so lovely!

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Love the template you used. And the blended photo background. It sounds like your week was very busy but filled with lots of friends. That is so great!

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I agree, your weeks are always interesting and you squeeze so much in... I know you have had lots on but to find time to document it all is amazing... And I grinned at your old times with Jesse, how fun!

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