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Desktop Bulletin Board (Interactive with Gadgets)

Desktop Bulletin Board (Interactive with Gadgets)

Here's my desktop LO from the Dec. 6, 2012, newsletter. It's "interactive" because the background and foreground work in tandem. The background doesn't change (unless I change it in PSE, save it as a JPG, etc.), but the foreground (the "sticky notes" and the docs and folders) can be moved around, added, deleted, etc., with ease. The sticky notes are desktop gadgets in Windows 7 (color can change by right-clicking on a note and selecting one of six colors). Mac users can find "stickies" under their Applications folder.

It's been a great way to keep the weekly calendar right in front of me and to change it quickly. If I have an appointment for three weeks from Tuesday, I add it to the bottom of the Tuesday sticky note, and as the weeks pass, that appointment rises closer to the top! Or you could make a separate sticky for that day and layer it under the Tuesday sticky note for this week. The sticky notes can be stacked on top of each other, just like with actual notes.

The sticky notes are so handy for jotting grocery lists, a zillion reminders, etc. There is not (to my knowledge) a ready way to print the sticky note text. However, I have been known to take a picture of a sticky note with my cell phone before heading to the grocery store! Where there's a will, there's a way!

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    I just love this idea, awesome job!!
    Such a neat idea - and brilliantly presented! I love seeing your son's smiling face on your pages:)
    Love this! I'm just starting do do my pc desktop every month and I'm saving this for further reference. :)