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12/8 Color Challenge - Birdies

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I saw the cutest watercolor birds on pinterest and wondered if I could get some of the same effect in GIMP. Well, not quite, but every other minute, I'm pretty pleased with this. The rest of the time I hate it, but anyway, here it is. I was looking for a good quote for this and remembered this poem (it's only a fraction). I'm rereading James Herriot's series right now, so it's fresh in my mind


I used:




fonts: Sylfaen, Sans Italic

brush: bombay

Created with GIMP

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This is really lovely Aggie. The birds are so sweet and I love the deep rich chocolate browns behind them. Pretty framing too. Great job!

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Oh, Aggie! This is just beautiful! The brown background makes the birds really stand out. I love that poem and I love the Herriot books too!

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I like the effect on the birds! They look great to me. They especially stand out against the dark brown background. Lovely poem!

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