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May 2013 Calendar

May 2013 Calendar

My new nephew, Colin, was born this year and while he has changed so much in just 8 months, there's nothing quite like the pics taken on the day he was born (the main pic).

Quote: "Babies are bits of stardust... blown from the hand of God. -Barretto"

BMU_Calendar Blenders 2013
BMU_Jingleberry (big text-y stars, blue papers, white paper)
BMU_Holiday Lights (silver foil star swirls)
BMU_Love Honor Cherish (taupe paper on "April" and days of week banner)
JRE_The Patriot (scattered stars)

    This is beautiful, Cindy! What a great picture of Colin & I love your quote!
    he is a little bit of stardust--very perfect! Your calendar is fabulous!

    So precious!