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Has anyone...anyone...ever seen this piece of clip art?

Yep, it's clip art - from almost 20 years ago if you can believe that! It's from a brochure and business stuff that I did for a client of mine waaaaay back then and guess what? She wants me to do it all for her again - 20 years later!!! Problem is (for me) that the piece of clip art that she cut out and saved all these years, has been copied and re-copied and glued and cut out......The resolution is terrible........I've been Photoshopping it all day long today and I'm frustrated and tired of looking at it...so I started going through all of my old, old, old books of clip art and trying to find her files from 20 years ago and of course, I have nothing! I trashed tons and tons of old floppy disks (yes, floppy disks) filled with old files and they're gone.


Schatzi (that's my client's name) is German, full of spit and fire and bound, set and determined that THIS is the art she definitely wants to use. She is an incredible lady - wears tons and tons of jewelry just like the lady in this art work. I've searched the internet looking for it - and can't find it anywhere. I've looked at more stock illustrations today than I've seen in years!


I'm hoping....crossing fingers and toes here.....that maybe, just maybe someone else has seen this piece of clip art before. Please? I, uh....needed to have this job done 2 weeks ago! :disappearing-smilie:/> :disappearing-smilie:/> :disappearing-smilie:/>


I've offered to pay Christopher to draw it again for me - I know he could do it - but.....I've waited too long as it is and I just need to get this job done.


It says "Rano" on the side of the artwork - I have no clue where I really got this 20 years ago - I honestly just don't remember.

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oooh that's a tough one. i think i'd photocopy it to 8.5x11, and retouch it all by hand (using Micron or similar pens), then scan it and clean it up on the PC. maybe your son could help with the hand work? only other option would be to try and get your hands on a Dover publication - illustrations of the 20's and 30's perhaps. i wish you luck!

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Have you tried Illustrator?



Yes, that's actually the first thing I did - it's what I know best really....I think I'm just tired of looking at pixels! LOL But, that may be the route I take - I've saved what I've done so far....we'll see..thanks!

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There are search engines on the web that can "find an image like..." and you upload the image to compare to. TinEye wasn't able to find this, but you may have better luck with a higher resolution copy.

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