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Plaza Lights HNC 12/12/112

This is the Kansas City Country Club Plaza, a tradition since 1927 - quite spectacular as is, but I blended 12 photographs into a single scene - plus a twinkling star!




ABL ZipKit GreatOutdoors

BMU BeautifulBlack Paper

BMU DynBrush Twinkling

CRO Cherished Treasures

PWR A Merry Season

PWR Ribbon Journals

SNU Styles Glitter Edge 6301


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Oh my goodness, how pretty! I love all the lights, that's such a great photo collage. And the minimal embellishment lets it have center stage, I love it! Wonderful job. :)

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Wow -- you did an amazing job with this! Fabulous photos to begin with, but then I love the idea of blending them together. This looks fantastic.

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This a terrific look at the Country Club Plaza. You did a fantastic job blending all those photos. We haven't seen it for years.

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Wow, I really love this. Great job with your blending and arrangement. The lights are awesome and the pretty ribbon is the perfect finishing touch.

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