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Best Ever Sugar Cookies-2012 Cookie Exchange

Best Ever Sugar Cookies-2012 Cookie Exchange

You all may already know my "secret," but it was a revelation to me about 20 years ago!

PWR A Merry Season Cookies
PWR A Merry Season Paper
LCO Edging Brushes3
BMU Pure White Paper Special

Details in EXIF

    Thanks! I love crispy cookies. Pretty card.
    WOW such a pretty card AND I definitely have to give this sugar cookie recipe a try!
    I do know your secret, BetC! I discovered that a long time ago too! I love for my cookies to be crispy too and your recipe sounds so good - the grands always want sugar cookies to decorate so I will have to give your recipe a try! Pretty, pretty card!
    Always looking for a better sugar cookie. I'll have to see if this one measures up to its name. Love the row of cookies.
    I just love your recipe card -- the row of cookies looks so appetizing. In our move, I misplaced my cookie recipe, so I will replace that with your recipe! THANKS for gift! :)
    Yum! Your lovely card makes me want to try these! I especially like the little elements along the side as well as the red and green writing.