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Project SG December LO 1

Down the home stretch!! I can't believe I've actually been able to keep up with this project. Just one more layout to go.


Journaling reads: Highlights from the first half of December:

1. -I love to see the seasonal decorations everywhere, especially the palm trees. I’m still not used to that, though I suppose Bethlehem has palms.

2.-3. -The SG cookie exchange was a lot of fun - plus I got to help eat some yummy molasses cookies.

4 -We got the house decorated in time for me to host this month’s Book Club. We read “Binocular Vision” by Edith Pearlman, a wonderful book of short stories.

5. -I was given a balloon flower by a passing clown. It made my day!

6. -Sadness: my sister-in-law died. We made a quick trip to NJ for the funeral. We plan to travel back up there by car next week for Christmas.

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I love your framed polka dot background paper, Diane! And I love the composition of your week - so easy to read and what great pics you took! How wonderful that you got a balloon flower from a clown - that made me smile too!

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I love your pages Diane - enjoyed your journaling and lovely photos. I really like the festive holiday background and embellishments you used.

And, it was good to have you here....

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